Health Benefits

When will my medical coverage begin? ▼

  • If you are a new hire, your coverage begins on first of the following month, that coincides with your hire date or day of your contract period begins.
  • For Example:
    • If your contract starts on or after 5th your coverage will begin on the 5th of that month.
    • If your contract starts on or after 15th or the 20th your coverage will begin 1st of the following month.

Why have I not received my card? ▼

  • We need to check if your address on Premera site is current. If not we will update the address and reissue your ID card.

Why have I not received my dental card? ▼

  • For Premera both medical and dental are all in one card.

Why have I not received card for Vision? ▼

  • Vision is covered by VSP vision service provider and your SSN is your member number.
  • No Member ID card is provided.
  • When you call in for appointment you will provide your SSN and your local address.

When will my coverage end? ▼

  • Your coverage ends last day of your contract period or end of contract month (depending on the date pattern).

I was covered by Premera when working for InConsulting Inc. Why have I not received my form 1095? ▼

  • InConsulting Inc., will not send out Form 1095. You will receive those from Premera directly to the address provided by you when you signed up for the insurance.
  • If you have not yet received it please call Premera at 1-800-722-1471 and request a copy.
  • Every employee is responsible to call and get that from Premera since Premera will need your ID # and other personal information.

Employment Benefits

When will I get paid by InConsulting? ▼

  • Our pay schedule runs from Monday through Friday. You will receive your direct deposit every other Friday.
  • Funds will be deposited to your designated checking or savings account you had given us during onboarding.

Where can I see breakdown of my paycheck? ▼

  • You will have to create an account with our Intuit Payroll system.
  • Follow the instructions given here to setup an account with Intuit Payroll System.

Why have I not received my W2 in mail ▼

  • W-2 forms are mailed out the last week of January to the address we have on file as of January 1.
  • If you have moved from the place or traveled out of state, your W2 would have been mailed to last known address on file.
  • You should report your address change to us as soon as you move.
  • W-2 is available electronically after February. Please login to the payroll system to access W2.

I have moved back to my home state do I still need to update it with InConsulting? ▼

  • If you are currently employed, you do need to provide your updated address ASAP.
  • If you are no longer employed with us, you need to provide your updated address if you need to receive your W-2 for the tax year.

How many PTO (Paid Time off) days do I get with InConsulting? ▼

  • PTO’s differs for each contract.
  • InConsulting employees or Contract employees, will receive few paid holidays/vacation days during the period of your contract.
  • You will need to email us ahead of time, if you plan to take any of the days off.
  • PTO can be scheduled using our InConsulting HR site here.

More Questions?

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