Web Development

Web development refers to the duties involved in creating, constructing, and maintaining web-based applications deployed to the cloud. At InConsulting Inc, we also include web design, development, and maintenance.

We know what works

In line with the client’s design, there are three main types of web development at InConsulting Inc:

  • front-end development,
  • backend development, and
  • full-stack development.

Our consultants ensure both web and mobile platforms play well together to increase brand awareness and drive more customer engagement through these platforms.

Our consultants will work with the client in the following ways ;

  • Concept – Work with the client to design a prototype of the application
  • Design – Establish the vision in line with the concept developed
  • Coding – Development of the website
  • Testing – Ensure that the application is tested for different form factors
  • Launch – Deploy the application to the cloud
  • Maintenace – Provide ongoing maintenace of the application

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